Summer Hunting

'This summer, Sechs Kies' hot breeze strikes.'

The six shining crystals are traveling back and forth from the realm of music to the movies and receiving much popularity. In July, they are releasing both their new album and their debut movie, grabbing attention from their fan club members as well as netizens.

The origination of their popularity comes from their 3rd album, . The album will be released on the 10th of July and it has already received 400,000 copies of preorder, just with the name "Sechs Kies" they hold, thanks to their fans who support them and trust that they will bring good music. The album title, "Run Again," was named with a purpose that Jekki will meet with their fans again, after they have been busy with their musical and movie shooting.

The album contains various genres ranging from twist, gangster, and dance. The title song, "Crying Game," appeals to the audience, as it contains musicality as well, not disappointing their fans. It contains soulful flavor with jack swing rhythm as an addendum. Besides this, there are that has euro-techno taste, Miami sound , metal+house and other sundry songs that suit the taste of many fans.

Sechs Kies says "Our root is music. We try our best in everything but when it comes to music, we especially work hard. Jekki that can't receive love from the music fans has no meaning."

The movie that will open on the 17th nationwide also helps their popularity. They have been shooting this film since April, for 3 months with no break. The movie foreshadows its success because unlike newcomers, they show off their polished acting skills. At the same time of 's opening, they will also release the OST of this movie. They are once again aiming for their success with this movie and the new album, after they have already succeeded in their musical .

Sechs Kies says "This summer will be our world. We are confident and we tried so much. We didn't even rest for one day. We were like iron men!"

Translated by: Clair