Wondering About Jekki

You guys appeared in Dream Concert after a long time. Describe how you felt:

Ji Won: After we got offstage, I thought 'We are born for this no matter what!'
Jae Jin: I still feel nervous onstage but it was a good opportunity to confirm our fans' love.
Jae Duc: I was excited to be on a big stage after a long time. And I was also happy to see many fans cheering for us.
Su Won: I was way too nervous to hear that many fans' screaming because it had been a while since we performed.
Ji Yong: I guess I was apprehensive since we haven't been onstage for a while.
Sung Hoon: To be honest, I didn't feel anything special. I just felt glad to see our fans.

The musical "Alibaba & 40 Thieves" ended in success. What were the gains and losses while doing the musical?

Ji Won: I gained the 'know-how' of how to cooperate with people. On the other hand, I lost a lot of my personal time.
Jae Jin: There was nothing I lost. I learned the new genre of musical and acting, and also jazz dancing.
Jae Duc: It was way more fun than I expected, so when it ended, I was sad. Even though we are amateurs, when given an opportunity, I'd like to try it one more time. Cheers for the little friends?! (Note: little friends = audience)
Su Won: I was able to learn about dancing and singing from the senior musical actors. But I lost some free time.
Ji Yong: I gained patience. Lost nothing in particular.
Sung Hoon: I think I improved in acting and singing.

You have finished the filming of "Seventeen." What kind of acting do you plan to show us? And what are some of the 'know-how's' that were learned?

Ji Won: I have done many ENG shootings but inherently, acting instead of singing was very difficult. But there were many funny occurences and I also feel positive about experiencing something new. What I would like to show in "Seventeen" is something that is not like a singer. In other words, I want my acting to be seen as something that was done by a real actor. I practiced my acting by looking in a mirror - laughing and getting mad at myself.
Jae Jin: Frankly, my part in "Seventeen" isn't too big. Mostly dancing scenes so I didn't have many lines. So I didn't practice acting separately or anything. What was hard was that while shooting the dancing scenes, there were no mirrors at all in the set where the filming took place. So I used the camera as my mirror to dance. I was trying very hard in these bad conditions but the director told me to do it the way I would normally do (as if I was in a practice hall...yeah right) The scenes I came out in were filmed earlier anyway.
Jae Duc: It feels good and fun to try something new. Regardless of its success, I want to try my best. I will show the image of 'Jong Su' 100%. How do I practice my acting? With a mirror! I feel awkward at times but I persevere.
Su Won: Eh, I just try my hardest! I practice my acting by monitoring videos but still, I am inadequate.
Ji Yong: I feel nervous every single day since the shooting of "Seventeen." Since I am the antagonist, I want to show what it really is! I practice acting with a mirror, day by day.
Sung Hoon: As I am filming "Seventeen," I feel the charming aspects of acting. Since my role is an exemplary honors kid, I want to portray it calmly. A singer can simply act with just facial expressions but an actor has to pay attention to every single body movement.

Did you get close to your partners that come out in "Seventeen?"

Ji Won: At first, it was so awkward so many scenes were no good. So we were scolded by the director but as the time went on, we were closely acquainted.
Jae Jin: Hahaha~ had no prob since I get along with people easily.....
Jae Duc: I still feel awkward... and I feel bad for my fans, what to do!!
Su Won: I had no opportunities to meet them so we didn't get close. We just exchanged 'hi's.'
Ji Yong: Same answer as above.
Sung Hoon: Close enough to feel comfortable around each other.

Do you all like your characters? Any complaints?

Ji Won: I can't really say I like it, but it's still interesting. (Ji Won's role in "Seventeen" was the delinquent named Joon Tae that ran away from his home.)
Jae Jin: Even though my part isn't very big, as you will realize by watching the movie, it is a very significant role in relation to the main actress. So I am satisfied.
Jae Duc: I don't really have any complaints. I just think of trying my best.
Su Won: Frankly, I don't like it. But I'm trying my best since I am 'given' that role.
Ji Yong: I don't really like my character (Ji Yong's role was Dae Gon that is caught in arrogance and prejudice) but since I am given that role, I want to act it out the best I can.

Now the title "actors" seems to suit you guys. So as actors, what were the movies that impressed you the most?

Ji Won: "The Conspiracy." I liked how the plot kept me in suspense. I also liked its soundtrack "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."
Jae Jin: (Note: I was not able to translate some titles) Sabrina, Romeo & Juliet, The Drunken Master, The Jurassic Park, etc.
Jae Duc: There were many funny movies but none of them impressed in partiular.
Su Won: "Titanic" I saw a while ago with Ji Yong and Sung Hoon.
Ji Yong: "Brave Heart."
Sung Hoon: "Titanic." I cried after I saw it. The movie gave off a very pleasant feeling.

Any memorable episode during the filming?

Ji Won: Don't got one.
Jae Jin: Sorry! Nothing special happened, since I don't allow mistakes in my life. (Note: lol right. you keep thinking that)
Jae Duc: Riding a motorcycle was hard. At first, it was difficult to learn but as the time went on, I got better. I hurt my knees and elbows while riding it.
Su Won: I concentrated hard in everything I did so nothing arduous happened.
Ji Yong: It was hard to film the scenes where I was fighting Ji Won. Why? Because he was beating me up!
Sung Hoon: Nothing was really bad, except that I stuttered once and I laughed because I was reminded of the movie "No. 3." Made way too many NG's, oh well!

Even after you stopped performing with your 2nd album, you didn't seem to have any break. If you can have some time to rest, what would you do?

Ji Won: I really want to take a break. I want to have some time to myself, composing songs and studying hard. And I really want to sleep! And when I don't feel tired anymore, then I'd like to work with my songs and play sports.
Jae Jin; I want to go to Cheju Island with my Pusan friends. I want to go fishing, swimming, hiking.... And I'm learning kendo right now, I want to concentrate more on that.
Jae Duc: I am not too eager to take a break. Why? Because I love what I do now! I want to go travelling and dwell in my own fantasy world.
Su Won: I want to take a trip to some quiet area. Then I want to meet my friends.
Ji Yong: Of course I want to take a break. I want to go to Cheju Island, inhale some fresh air and just rest. Then when given some time, I should study for my college entrance exam and manage my health - by working out.
Sung Hoon: Want to take a break... go on a trip... and also practice and improve my singing.

Translated by: Clair