Just a while ago, I lived with my grandmother. She waited for me all night when I came home late. The fans are probably not much different from her. They always watch me and give me strength no matter what I do: and my parents who accept all my bratty whines and tell me to always try my best. Because of them, I get to be on stage and I, Go Ji Yong, exist. I wrote this autobiography to show my gratitude.

Ko Ji Yong

Chapter 1 - A Rustic from Dong Bu Ee Chon City
Chapter 2 - I Don't Like My Double Eyelids
Chapter 3 - Running Away from Grandma
Chapter 4 - What a Tough Personality!
Chapter 5 - Marching Girlfriends as Cheerleaders
Chapter 6 - From Deux to Tupac
Chapter 7 - Sad Ji Yong's Long Neck
Chapter 8 - Things I Earned and Lost from being a Singer
Chapter 9 - A Sip of Failure, Pretty Bitter
Chapter 10 - Sending Away my Girlfriend
Chapter 11 - The Things I Like
Chapter 12 - Mother Yoo Bok Joon Speaks of her Son Ji Yong

Chapter 1: A Rustic from Dong Bu Ee Chon City

Is it because I joined later than the other members? My times passed much faster than anyone else’s. As I thought about what I was exactly doing and recollected my past, I realized that my fans’ love was too great.

It’s vague in my memory how fast the times went by since I was chasing after all the love that the fans were giving me, ever since my debut stage in 1997. At last, I found a little time for myself as I was preparing for the 4th album. I could finally view how I appeared as a member of Jekki objectively. How is it different from Go Ji Yong as a ‘normal person?’ Wasn’t I too arrogant? How should I train myself to be?

I don’t know where to start. What I know for sure is that I am trying to be more mature as I go through some self observations. At the same time, I want to cherish all my fans’ love and be proud to be in Jekki.

Mature Ji Yong…

I don’t think I was ever like that. I was the last of the 2 children so I don’t think I was ever mature. The mischievous image seems so suitable for me but how come the mature one isn’t? I ask myself that.

Han River Mansion in Dong Bu Ee Chon City, Yong San County, Seoul, is my hometown. I moved just within that city 3 times so I never left there. In other words, I am a rustic from Dong Bu Ee Chon City.

"You were so pretty so I was thinking of having another son just like you!"

Believe it or not, but I guess my round face with eyes that had double eyelids were my trademark as a little boy. My mother loves me very much so she always expresses her love by saying these things.

My dad, Go Sang Ju, works at a commerce that exports machines. He is a typical guy from Kyung Sang Do. I can tell his deep love but usually, he is so stiff. Sometimes his temper just ‘exploded’ so he sure beat me up a lot. If you think I was raised like a pretty boy because I was his only son, heck no. Thanks to my dad who had a philosophy that he should raise me even more harshly, my calves never escaped his stick.

But nope, he would not beat me up without a just cause. Usually I deserved it whenever I goofed around or talked back to adults, especially to my mom. Once, I was talking back to her and he witnessed it. He hit my legs with his shoehorn so hard that I then realized what it felt like to have my blood vessels pop. That shoehorn wasn’t made out of plastic but metal, that’s why.

I feel disrespectful for describing my mom, Yoon Bok Joon, as ‘cute,’ but I can’t find a better expression for her. She is very womanly and charming. Ever since she married my dad, she has been operating a jewelry shop. Just like its name, ‘BORANG,’ it is a very pretty place. It is also in Dong Bu Ee Chon City, so everyone knows about it and there are many dedicated customers among celebrities.

Her hometown is in Choong Chung Do. She can never win over my stubbornness (actually, she’s probably just pretending to lose). So even nowadays, when I have some big favors for her, she just glares at me once and grants them for me anyway….

Chapter 2: I Don’t Like my Double Eyelids

Thanks to my mom who has a keen sense of fashion from operating a jewelry shop, I never have to worry about my clothes and accessories. Everything other than my shoes are hand-picked by her. Mama’s boy? Well… not really. It’s just that as a celebrity, it is impossible for me to shop freely so I just use my mom for help. What’s really fortunate is that she is a very good shopper. She searches the entire city just to make me into a stylish guy.

My mom is the last of the 7 children. Her eyes, especially her double eyelids, are exceptionally pretty. My face? I think I resemble half of her and the other half of my dad. According to those around me, I looked more like my mom when I was little and as I grew up, I got closer to looking like my dad. I’m not too happy about my double eyelids that resemble my mother’s. I only had it on one eye and one day, I rubbed my other eye and got it on that one as well.

"Why did you make me like this, Mom!"

Sometimes I whine to my mom. Frankly, I dislike double eyelids on guys’ eyes. I rather like ‘reeeeeally’ slitted eyes that somewhat appear charismatic. When I whine to my mom, she just glares at me but really, I should just thank my parents for at least having me like this, so no complaining! (Hahaha)

I will introduce my sister now. She majors in German at Sung Shin Women’s University. Her name is Go Hye Na. She is only 2 years older than me so we really fought a lot. We both have big ego and are very stubborn. And we never like to lose so we fought to a point where one of us just went ‘WAHHH’ and cried. Given this opportunity, I’d like to apologize to her. Sorry noona! (Since I’m younger…)

Nowadays? We never fight. Because I rarely see her! You would think I’d get some free time when we are on a break for our next album but no way, my day and night are switched so I never really see my family. My sister is already at her school library or does something else by the time I wake up. And when I come home, she’s already in her la-la land, so we can’t fight even if we wanted.

She claims that she never announced that "My younger brother is Go Ji Yong in Jekki." It’s due to her personality. She doesn’t like to receive attention from things like that. Of course, there are quite a few friends who know me as her brother from preschool to high school (until my junior year). Besides them, people rarely think my sister and I are related.

But! She has one advantage of having a singer as a brother. Her pocket is always full of money. We both get allowances from our parents, but in my case, I never use money not because I don’t have any but mostly because I have no time. My parents give me a lot since I’m always outside and once in a while, Mr. Lee Ho Yeon gives me a ‘bonus.’ So everything that remains from all that goes to my sister. I’m supposedly ‘lending’ it to her but usually, once it goes in into her pocket, it never comes back out. So noona, please don’t think you only have disadvantages of having me as a younger brother! Don’t you see some of the good things here?!

Chapter 3: Running Away from Grandma

I can’t leave out the part about my grandma if I were to talk about my childhood days. She is in her 80’s now, almost turning 90. Just a while ago before we released our 4th album, she called me.

"I’m so bored. It’s no fun watching TV because you are not on it. When are you coming out?"

She is still pretty strong for her age. But she doesn’t do any special activities so she just spends her pastime watching TV shows or reading magazines I come out on.

She lives with my uncle in Eui Jung Boo now but when I was little, she lived at my house. Since my mom owned a shop, I can almost say that I grew up in my grandma’s hands. I’ll just tell you guys honestly- my grandma is very profane. She swears so much. The little mischievous boy that I was, she cursed at me so much.. that’s probably what made me taller since I was digesting all her profanity.

"You damn son of a - !!"

No misunderstanding here! I’m not saying my grandma was that rough, it’s just the fact that she was a countrywoman made her like this. When I was running away from her and tripped over a rock and fell, she always cussed at me. I always liked hanging out with my friends (just like now) so I was never home. When I got into preschool and made some friends, I liked the playground better than my own room.

By the time of sunset, my mom, my grandma, and even the lady who worked at my mom’s shop searched for me, so I must’ve been a super naughty boy. My grandma, of all people, always found me. Some kind of distinct ‘sense’ she had. No matter which friend’s house and which playground I was at, she always found me. I remember vividly trying to squirm out of her hands and running away from her. She then always chased after me as she cussed excessively… I now really miss those times.

At least until 2nd grade, I couldn’t run any faster than her. She would run after me like crazy and just grab the back of my neck. My record for a 100m distance at that time was about 21 seconds.. Whoa~ so you can imagine what a passionate grandma she was, since she was faster than me.

Back in the days, my grandma had way more children than she has now (7). But as she went through Korean War, she lost many of them. I think to myself that her creative swearing now is the instinct she developed from raising that many children, since it would’ve been difficult for her to just be ‘nice’ all the time raising all those brats. (Sorry mom, Aunt, Uncle).

When she stayed home, she really liked playing with me. Yep, it’s me who taught her that fun Go-Stop (*Note: Korean card game, X-rated due to its inappropriate usage of words).

"Grandma this is ‘light,’ and this is ‘double blood’….."

She seems to show off her Go-Stop skills she learned from me. She still plays it at her senior center.

But she has gotten a lot weaker these days. Whenever I tell her, "You can’t pass away until you see your Ji Yong getting married~," she shakes her head and says "I don’t think I’ll live that long." Hmm… should I get married faster just for her? I should think about it!!

Chapter 4: What a Tough Personality!

My mom was hardly ever home when I was little so I went to 3 different preschools. So imagine how smart I was! (Not really due to my competence but rather because they forced me to have early education). Ban Suk, Riverside, and Dae Gun Preschools. I was such a troublemaker while I attended all 3.

When I meet my friends from back in those days, they still tell me,

"You were pretty tough back then, Ji Yong!"

It’d me more suitable to say that I was ill-tempered. Once, I went camping with my teachers and friends. During our mealtime, everyone was eating, I think it was curry. But some kids that came from other preschool were trying to pick a fight. They told us to move because we were sitting in their spot. I got so pissed off so I just took my tray that had food and poured it in his face. He started crying and he told his teacher so I was scolded by my teachers. It was an open embarrassment on their part. So for a while, among my friends, I was known as a ‘malicious’ boy. But my hot-tempered personality seemed to change slowly afterwards.

I was an outgoing boy until I graduated elementary. Not just in studying but in playing as well. I now wonder why I was so immature back then, and I just smile to myself. I also held this obsession of being an exemplary student because I was the class council during all 6 of my elementary years. Wait, in 5th grade, I didn’t hold any position in leadership. If I remember correctly, something went wrong and I wasn’t nominated at all, so I must’ve still been a wicked boy back then.

After being a school president in 6th grade, my liking of being an active Ji Yong ended. I became rather passive in middle school, feeling embarrassed in front of people.

Now let me talk about how I met Sung Hoon. He is still my closest friend now. I met him back in 2nd grade while attending Shin Yong San Elem. School. Just like now, Sung Hoon had round eyes and a small face so he looked like an actor. We were so competitive in being mischievous, it wasn’t even funny. Sung Hoon too, was a boy with leadership skills so he was the vice president of our 5th grade class. He was a charming boy.

Sung Hoon, some of our friends, and I hung out together and went to many places in Dong Bu Ee Chon City. We mainly saw the movies we liked and played basketball by Han River. Dong Bu Ee Chon City was located in the riverside so we could walk.

Sung Hoon’s mom was close to my mom and I think they still keep in touch with each other. I owe a lot to Sung Hoon’s mom for being a member of Jekki. When both of my parents opposed, she persuaded my mom and eventually changed my dad’s mind.

I was the class president in 6th grade so my mom was automatically placed in the president position in PTA. It must’ve been troublesome for her but she did so much for me, and my school.

In elementary days, I played all kinds of sports. Especially skiing. I started skiing in preschool with my parents so I’m pretty good now. Even when I was little, I found that no one was skiing better than me besides the instructor. I’m confident that I could be a professional skater since I had been skating since elementary. On top of that, I also played soccer, basketball, and tennis. I could never stay quiet so I was pretty good in playing sports that ‘moved’ a lot. My mom still tells me, "You can do anything but sitting still." What can I do, it’s in my nature.

Chapter 5: Marching Girlfriends as Cheerleaders

I only have good memories from my elementary days. I particularly remember my teachers liking me because I was the class president. My first ‘debut’ stage happened when I went on the 6th grade camping. We went to Kyung Ju and during the talent show, Sung Hoon, Jong Geun and I danced to Taiji Boys’ songs. "Nan Al Ah Yo," "Hwan Sang Sok Eui Geu Dae," "Ee Bam Ee Gip Uh Ga Ji Man" the remix version- with these 3 songs, we practiced for a month and waited for the outcome.

The reaction? Of course it was fantastic! Why? I made a cheering team beforehand and nearly threatened people, "You, if you don’t scream when I dance, I’m gonna kill you!" I mainly picked girls to make the team and as loyal girls as they were, they screamed "ACCCCKKKK!!" and cheered us on. Our pictures were featured in the end of our yearbook so my memories are refreshed when I look at them.

The closest girl friend among them was named Kim Min Sung, who sat right next to me. Actually, she was Jong Geun’s girlfriend (?) so it was awkward for me to say that she was my girl space friend. But we were much closer. I heard that she is now studying abroad in England, and I suddenly miss her.

I was never shy during that time because we were coed, so I hung out with many girls. I didn’t do anything special for my extracurricular activities but I was in boy scout. I made a lot of girlfriends there too and the main type of my favorite was usually someone that was quiet and feminine. I kind of had this conservative thought that "Girls should be like girls!" so rather than the ones who played around, I liked quiet and womanly girls. I picked on them and was mean to them. Why? Because I liked them!

In middle school, I was both the class council and the school president. For the first time, in my 2nd year, I was the vice council. It felt the load was so much lighter. I think I was known to be the laziest vice in the whole school.

Once in art, my teacher gave us a theme to draw and walked out of the classroom. I just drew something unrecognizable and slept. Fortunately, I didn’t get caught. I was only ‘brave’ in being a troublemaker back in those days.

I started listening to music since elementary and really started liking it in middle school. The group I liked at that time was Deux, especially Kim Sung Jae who is dead now. Not just me but the ones I hung out with mostly liked Deux. I could never get sick of watching them because they were so versatile. Kim Sung Jae had a cool voice and was very masculine so I believe he was popular among guys as well.

So I remember very vividly when he passed away. In 9th grade, the hot issue was Kim Sung Jae’s comeback stage after Deux split. I was buying some drinks at a mart with my friends when I saw on the sports newspaper that wrote ‘Kim Sung Jae Dead!’

"Ji Yong, look!"

My friend shouted loudly but my friends and I just said "Don’t even go there, the sports news is just lying!" I really didn’t want to believe it.

The next day, it was proven true and all of us including myself were so depressed. Some girls around us just cried their hearts out. It really made my heart ache. If he was still alive, he would have been my most respected senior singer….

Chapter 6: From Deux to Tupac

‘Such speedy and fresh music!’

I was mostly affected by Taiji Boys musically. At that time, Kim Ji Ae’s trot song was trendy so I was obviously singing those trot songs….

I bought all the CD’s and tapes from 1st to 4th album by Taiji Boys. I listened to each verse as if I was analyzing. I also studied their dance. Just like any other teenagers back then, the Taiji Syndrome didn’t leave me for a long time.

I always went to sleep with my radio on. Also when I was studying. I usually listened to R&B style songs right before I went to sleep or was studying because they were soothing. I particularly enjoyed Boyz II Men. Besides them, I was always amazed by Taiji Boys’ and Deux’s talents.

For the foreign music, I like hiphop groups. Especially when I listen to ‘2Pac,’ I just feel like I’m being pulled into a fantasy world. 2Pac was originally in gang. But 3 years ago, he passed away due to a shooting amongst gangs. As you know, in America, the rappers are divided into East and West and are not on so good terms. And many times, they go on shooting rampage, being the gangs they are. Sadly, it resulted in someone as great as 2Pac to die.

He is black and it’s really notable how he has a charismatic impression. And what about his voice color. Soft yet ripping, very unique voice that flows. When I listen to his voice, I always think to myself, ‘Ah, this is the charm of hiphop music.’

I am not sure how close I will be to music in my life in the future. But if I can live doing music, I want to do soft hiphop that can satisfy all the listeners. I don’t want to do the type of music that would just have me satisfied. It probably relates to my liking of ballads ever since I was little.

I seemed to like music more than others, but I really did not think I would become a singer. But Sung Hoon was different. Whenever he sang in our music class, he sang pretty well. He had a very pretty voice so he seemed to possess the ability to sing any song beautifully. Most of all, Sung Hoon habitually said, "I’m going to be a singer," so when he finally did, it was no surprise.

But I was a different case. First of all, I myself never dreamed of being a singer so my friends, as well as I, were all surprised.

"Really, you’re gonna do it?"

Even when I enrolled in Joong Kyung H.S., I had pretty high grades and I was studious. I had the goal of wanting to major in business at Yeon Se University. But suddenly, I decided to become a singer….

Chapter 7: Sad Ji Yong’s Long Neck

I first met Mr. Lee Ho Yeon from DSP when I went to Kim Po Airport. It was when I went to greet Sung Hoon who came back from Hawaii. There were way too many people surrounding Sung Hoon including his mother, so I didn’t even recognize most of the faces. A while later, Sung Hoon called me.

"Ji Yong, do you want to be a singer?"


"Mr. Lee asked me to ask you if you wanted to do it. Hey, think about it."

At first, I didn’t even listen to him, saying that it was a nonsense. For an ordinary student like me, what’s being a singer? Most of all, I had no courage to do it and I was just afraid.

I rejected this offer, saying that I had to study. But after I heard it, the singers that appeared on TV didn’t look the same to me anymore.

‘How about doing it once. I’m not just stopping at listening to music, but I’m singing it myself.’

I changed my mind about 12 times everyday.

‘I’ll lack in my studies then…’

‘How about doing it as something memorable in my young days.’

In conclusion, I decided to rely my life on the occupation as a singer. Then I visited Mr. Lee with Sung Hoon.

"I want to be a singer. I will try my best."

"Why did you reject the first time?"



The answer was OK! Mr. Lee just laughed heartily and stuck me, Go Ji Yong, in Jekki that was already finishing up the recruiting process.

The other members had already been practicing for a year so it was very difficult for me to catch up. I lacked in singing, dancing, everything. So I practiced harder to make up for it.

For the first time, I resented the fact that I was tall.

My height is 178.5cm. Generally speaking, it isn’t very tall but compared to the other members, I stick out. So when I did a little better, or worse than anybody else, I was immediately noticed. Well, not really about doing ‘better,’ but when I made mistakes, I was so noticeable! My face reddened so many times whenever I watched the videos that were taken during practices.

"Ji Yong, fold faster!"

"Ji Yong, duck faster!"

They were referring to my particularly long arms and neck. I was taller than everyone else so I had to be faster in order to stay in beat. If any of you think I’m trying to ‘stand out,’ please do understand that it is due to my physical attributes, not because I want to really stand out.

When it came to dancing, I asked Jae Jin and Jae Duc a lot. They were both kind in teaching me so as the time went by, I was able to learn many things.

Chapter 8: Things I Earned and Lost from Being a Singer

If I were to calculate my profits and losses after I became a singer, how would it be?

The biggest thing I earned is the love from our fans. How would I ever receive such a great of love in my life. It is something very unimaginable if I weren’t a celebrity.

Things I lost…

Well, I am not sure how others would think but as far as school, it is something that scarred my heart, as well as my parents’. Firstly with high school. I had lived in Dong Bu Ee Chon all my life so when I had to leave Joong Kyung H.S., it hurt me so much.

"I’m sorry, Ji Yong. I don’t have much power over this."

This is what my principal said as he sent me away.

‘Entertainers should go to entertainers’ school!’

There were many letters of protest from the parents. It’s because when I became a singer, everyone else wanted to stop studying and do the same.

"I wanted you to graduate from this school…"

Leaving my principal’s words behind, I decided to transfer. I had two choices. I could either go to KFS (Korean Foreign School) where Su Won and Sung Hoon were attending, or I could transfer to An Yang High School of Arts.

My father opposed to me going to KFS so I automatically was sent to An Yang. With the help of Mr. Lee Tae Won, who was the producer of our movie ‘Seventeen,’ I could transfer as a senior.

An Yang High School of Arts is far away from Seoul, which is its bad quality, but it has many good qualities like an art school should have. I majored in theatre arts, which had 2 classes. As my classmate, I had Baek Dong Woo who sang ‘Ma Bub Eui Sung,’ he even sat next to me. The class next door had Go Ho Kyung, Jang Duk Soo, and many other famous people. I transferred at the time Jekki stopped performing so I went to school diligently.

‘Would I adapt well?’

I worried at first but when I opened up first to kids, they treated me nicely. Thanks to them, I was exposed to many studies that I would not have learned in regular high school.

Unfortunately, even after I transferred to An Yang, I couldn’t study well. If I were a soloist, I could probably adjust my schedule but since I was a member of a group, I could not do so. There was a teacher who helped me and understood my difficulties. His name was Ryu In Soo, who was a teacher in my senior year. He taught language arts. I believe he was criticized very harshly because of me who had a low attendance record.

"So what if you’re a singer? As a student, you should come to school and study, no?"

When everyone criticized me for not coming to school, Mr. Ryu always defended me (this is something I heard later). It was because he was in his mid-thirties, which was relatively young, but most of all, he had a heart that truly understood my situation. Whenever I discussed my problems with him, he always took care of them before I asked him. I am very thankful.

After I graduated, I wanted to let him know that I was grateful so I gave Jekki’s concert tickets to his family. I asked my mom to actually come with him and let him watch in the front seat. After the concert, he patted my shoulder and smiled as if he was proud of me…now it remains as a good memory.

Chapter 9: A Sip of Failure, Pretty Bitter

‘Yes, I am no longer a teenager!’

Whenever I start to feel sad about my schooling and studying, I always tell this to myself and let go of it.

‘As someone in the 20’s, I will have a new life. I must live it to the fullest. You can do it, Ji Yong!’

Now I understand why my parents were so against my being a singer. Not just my mother, but my father’s opposition was very strong. To convince my mother, I just had to go to her numerous times and act ‘cute,’ but with my father, that was not enough. With my mother’s help, I was almost about to get my father’s permission. He called me in right before that.

"Ji Yong! You’re 18 years old now, standing on an important path of life. Whatever path you take will change the remainder of your life. Think hard."


Truthfully, I didn’t know what he meant back then.

Now I think about it, I had made a really big decision. Not that I am regretting it. I just feel guilty about treating this matter so ‘lightly’ at that time.

The school I attend now is not Seoul University that I once dreamed of going, or Yeon Se that I was thinking about going. It’s Seoul University of Arts. Honestly, my scores were better than I had predicted. So I figured that I would get admitted to Dong Guk University as a theatre major with ease. But the result was..? I failed! My mother was very disappointed, as well as I. She even cried out loud.. when I think about her now, it hurts me still.

On the day Dong Guk Univ. was announcing the people who got admitted, my mother called the school in order to know whether I got in or not. She heard that I was rejected. As she put down her receiver, her hand trembled and in order to calm her down, it took a while. It happened because none of us expected that I would be rejected.

"It’s for the better. I figured you needed to taste the bitterness of life, I’m glad it came to you early."

My father told me.

The bitterness of life. If someone asks me about its taste, I want to tell that person that it really sucks. It’s so bitter that I don’t ever want to taste it again.

At first, I thought ‘there are things that don’t go my way in this world.’ But now, I think ‘there are MANY things that don’t go my way in this world.’ I feel like I experienced this world a bit faster than my peers. This feeling is probably related to my reality as a celebrity.

Chapter 10: Sending Away my Girlfriend

Until 8th grade, I wasn’t that tall. In 9th grade, I grew about 15cm. Even I could feel myself growing tall everyday. If I grew ‘physically’ back then, I probably grew ‘mentally’ in last year until this year, before and after my life in college. It was during the 8 months of Jekki’s break.

When I was performing with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd albums, I was so busy. But during the break, I could have some free time in the mornings and do things that I didn’t get to do before. For example, there is something that I always enjoy doing- watching movies. I especially like Julia Roberts among actresses, so I watched every single movie that she came out on. I started to like her more when I watched "Notting Hill" recently! Her remarkable mouth, the one that is so big especially when she laughs, I find it very charming. You probably noticed it from me liking Julia Roberts that I like dramatic movies.

Right after I see a movie that subtly touched me in a deep away, I never get up from my seat. I close my eyes, cross my arms, and think back to the first scene of the movie. Then I become the main character myself and think to myself, ‘What would I have done?’ ‘I’m a millionaire- but I fall in love with a hostess……’ That is how I truly understand the entire movie.

I like war movies and triad movies as well. After I saw ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ I fell deeply into the war as I became Tom Hanks or Matt Damon in my imagination. I also liked ‘Thin Red Line’ and ‘Schindler’s List.’

As far as the actors, I like Nicholas Cage from ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ or George Clooney. They’re gray characters, evil but humane, the closest portrayal of what a human being is truly like in my opinion.

When I’m alone at home, I watch videos. During my break, I saw the movies that I liked a few years ago in theatre, such as ‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Godfather,’ ‘Casino,’ ‘Pretty Woman.’

I like to watch videos alone, as well as movies. If someone else is next to me, I cannot be absorbed by the movie. So many of my girlfriends that I used to go out with complained a lot. If I were to watch a movie with one of them, I got mad at her for talking to me during a movie.

I will be honest. I went out with many girls. The one that I remember the most is the girl that I used to see right before Jekki was formed. She was the same age as me and we were very close. When Jekki’s performance just began, I was too busy so she stayed at my house until morning and hung out with my mom, and then we would meet when I come home.

Why did we break up? Well… it was due to my stubborn personality. A small misunderstanding came up and my not so negotiable personality just rose its head so I said something to her that was too harsh. Then we never got in touch again. Now that I think about it, I was too mean to her. She had high pride so afterwards, she disappeared from my life.

Whenever I feel too exhausted, I sometimes wish I have a girlfriend. I told my mom about this once, but I don’t think it’s the right time so I try to hold back a little. It is extremely difficult to maintain a relationship with one person when my schedule isn’t too flexible. So it’s on hold for now! I hope to meet someone who is understandable and quiet in the near future.. now, I only satisfy myself in my imagination.

Chapter 11: The Things I Like

Having sleepovers

Since I have no brother, I really like my friends and those who are my senior/junior in the neighborhood. What I enjoy the most is having sleepovers. I get so lonely if I try to sleep alone; I like talking with my friends before I fall asleep. There are countless times Sung Hoon spent his nights at my house, and vice versa. Jung Hwan, Kwang Joong, Sung Chul, Sung Wook, Jin Ho, Eui Je, Suk Hwan, Jong Geun, Won Joon. Would you think it’s strange for so many people to have the same hobby?

Ddol Ee

Benny (Yorkshire terrier) has been with my family since I was in 5th grade. A while ago, I was passing by some pet store and I bought a puppy that had impressive eyes. He was a pretty smart fellow, so I named him "Ddol Ee." Unfortunately, my dad sent him to someone else’s house so we had to part.

‘Father, you never even feed him!’

But I dared not say this in front of my scary father. My sister who was already fond of Ddol Ee told me to persuade Dad but I was about to give up.

But what is love! I could not forget Ddol Ee. I begged Dad. I was so adamant about it, it even surprised me because I had always been afraid of him. Because I was refusing to give up, he brought Ddol Ee back to me and my sister.

Yong San Family Park

A dating course with a girlfriend? I can confidently answer that question. Go to Yong San Family Park. Must bring a picnic basket (full of food) and a mat! Then sit under a shady tree and just talk. It sounds like I’m talking about a newly wed couple with children but it’s really the place I like and would want to recommend. The comfort of it all!

Chocolate Milk

There was some time I had way too much chocolate milk at my house. It was because I said in some interview that I liked chocolate milk. To be precise, I like Nesquick in white milk, not the actual chocolate milk. When I am about to wake up in the morning, my mom always takes out the milk I’d be drinking. Same thing in the evening. I always drink milk right before I go to sleep.. maybe because I’m not fully grown up yet?

Chapter 12: Mother Yoo Bok Joon Speaks of her Son Ji Yong

He didn’t change very much even after he became an entertainer. That’s the feeling I get from watching him as his mom. He likes to be spontaneous. So he doesn’t hesitate to wave his hand or shake hands with fans whenever he sees them, but sometimes that brings misunderstanding. Once in a while when he is not able to do the same, there are many fan letters that say he has ‘changed.’

When he was little, I owned a little shop so I could not spend much time with him. I regret it now. But with his grandmother and aunts, he grew up to be a fine boy, someone with leadership skills. When he won an award at an art contest, I thought he would be an artist. And when he got to participate in a math contest sponsored by Seoul University, I thought he would be a mathematician. I really didn’t expect him to be a singer.

"I really thought about it, Mom. I want to take this path."

I remember how determined he was when he told me so. I worried about how to persuade his dad but because I had faith in him, I eventually said yes. Whenever he was way too busy, I wished I hadn’t gave him the permission to be a singer. I was very saddened when he came home with his tired and starving body.

‘He likes to play so much, now he can’t…’

All parents must think like this – I really worry that he won’t be able to do other things in life. Fortunately, he teams up well with the other members so I am proud of him.

I am a close acquaintance of Shin Chul (the one who produced Jekki’s 4th album)’s mother. So when Ji Yong first said he wanted to be a singer, I talked to her first. And when I heard the news that Shin Chul was going to produce the 4th album, I was very happy. But Ji Yong nailed it to me,

"Mom, don’t even think about telling Chul’s mother to have him treat me nicely."

I wasn’t even thinking about it, but I saw where he could’ve gotten the idea. He is like that. He doesn’t want to be ashamed of the things he does.

A while ago, he worried about my white hair. I feel kind of empty, now that he has all grown up. He will leave me soon… I wish he would never become weak and give up in his life, since he got to learn about the world faster than his peers. I hope that he would lead a strong life and implement his roots into this society.

I especially thank the fans who like Ji Yong. They all seem like my daughters, always waiting for Ji Yong in front of our house. When I have to ignore them because I’m busy, it hurts me deeply as a parent.

Given this opportunity, I would like to thank them and hope that this relationship would last long.